Value Added Services

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Required Non Vendor Resources: sample based on a 5 day per week service provider. **

Comparison of necessary non vendor services

Service Details On Your Own Utilizing ESNJ Solutions
Systems Administration
(not provided by a vendor)
• Managing the implementation and utilization of the EHR system
• Interface with services. IT support and the EHR vendor
• Ongoing training
• Data, forms and reports management
• Supervise help desk
• Manage and develop in house user guides
• Work with services to develop and manage daily workflows
• Manage system compliance with relevant regulations and laws
• Manage and implement system enhancement
• End user guides: the end user guides vendors prepare are not sufficient for direct care staff and training
PT: experienced in EHR implementation/management and fee for service-(it may be difficult to find someone part time with these skills as this is a high demand field).
Includes ALL system administration services
Help desk:
vendors only provide software support-this is NOT an IT help desk.
It is a service end user help desk. You will need this support 5 days a week. It is imperative that you have quick response time to: (1) prevent small issues escalating into large ones, (2) prevent user fatigue-(users getting frustrated and not using the system) and (3) prevent an interruption in your billing.
• Answer end user questions -6 days a week on demand.
• Provide ongoing training and support
• Recognize issue that are actually IT or vendor related and escalate the tickets to those resources
• Operate the help desk ticket system
1 FTE not including substitutes when help desk staff have time off. You would need to hire staff with this expertise or have them trained and become experts in the system before deploying them.
Includes ALL help desk services
Other Costs: office space and technology for this staff Includes all of these expenses because they are internal to ESNJ Solutions
Basic report/form –not already in the CareLogic package Internal you will need staff that knows Pentaho in case of CareLogic or you can use a consultant. For basic forms and reports-we have already written there will be no change
Custom forms and reports Internal you will need staff that know Pentaho in case of CareLogic or you can use a consultant.
Step Action Guides insure correct use of system, work flows and high user adoption Vendor will provided ONLY basic generic guides. Step Action guides have to be produced by Systems Administration, IT and/or help desk Not available from vendor We will provide at no additional cost.


** If you provide residential services, it will require at least 4 more help desk shifts that ESNJ Solutions provides.

Download This Value Added Services Comparison Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32 (94KB)

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